With every single purchase you make at Bekoherent, every time you refer a friend to us, you are creating a domino effect of positive change that contributes to:

  • Disposal of single-use plastic and disposable products.
  • Keep our oceans clean and protect marine fauna.
  • Plant trees: help fight climate change and protect the habitat of endangered wildlife.
  • Spreading the message of sustainability and zero waste: influence others by leading by example.
  • Support communities in vulnerable situations.
  • One piece of plastic at a time, one person at a time - every little change counts!

As we grow, we will continue to expand our sustainability initiatives and we are excited for you to join our mission.

By switching to solid bars, you are saving plastic bottles that most of the time end up in our rivers and oceans, as well as the water that would be needed to make them. An average shampoo can contain up to 80% water. The conditioner even more, up to 95%.

Once the product has been used, that plastic bottle must go somewhere. Only 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide and we produce around 300 million tons of plastic waste per year. 

Ideally, that plastic shampoo bottle takes hundreds and hundreds of years to begin to degrade. The most conservative estimates predict that it will break (not disappear) after 400 years into microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic, which are everywhere, our oceans and almost all species of fish have been found to contain traces.

At Bekoherent, we eliminate water and plastic bottles and look for natural ingredients that work solidly. Our solid bars are super concentrated, so you add the water, not us. There is no point paying for water, packing it in plastic bottles, and using harsh chemicals to preserve it when there is water in the shower.

Carbon Neutral: 

The Amazon is mostly occupied and protected by hundreds of indigenous communities. At Bekoherent, we care about comprehensively protecting the forest and understanding the needs of communities and the ecosystem to generate a positive impact on the environment in the long term. So that we can all benefit from the privileges of the jungle, allowing future generations to see the fruits of the commitment we must have with this ecosystem and its communities. In general terms, the relationship between the sustainable development of indigenous communities and the health of the forests they inhabit should be oriented towards the active construction of guarantees that ensure the protection of these spaces - understood as environmental and sociocultural territories.

We are working with Saving the Amazon to offset our footprint, towards climate neutrality, where we offset our net carbon emissions, a goal that we hope to achieve by the end of 2021. 

It is important to note that carbon offsetting, when done properly through accredited providers, is a useful tool to combat climate change, but it is not a solution. We cannot plant enough trees, mangroves or even rainforests to keep up with the large amounts of greenhouse gases that we are sending into the atmosphere by 'keeping doing the same thing.' That is why we will review our emissions every year and make sure we are continually looking for parts of our business where we can improve.

We are continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

* Carbon Neutral means that a company (or a person) pays an organization to offset all the carbon they emit through their daily operations. The globally accepted standard is that 15 trees will offset one ton of carbon over twenty years of growth (taking into account variables such as temperature, tree species, growth rate, climate, etc.).

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development goals (SDG): 

These are the goals that we seek to support with our day-to-day work.